Representing achievment:  A trophy buckle on a cowboy is proof to the rest of the world that he can carry his weight in the arena. A nice custom-designed silver 3-piece buckle says, “I may not have won this, but I am enough of a cowboy to know what looks good holding my pants up.”  Pretty much any other kind of purchased western belt buckle (with a few exceptions) screams, “I am not a real cowboy!” Sporting a genuine trophy buckle that someone else won (while some may disagree with me on this) is perfectly acceptable in my book, because if you’re dressed well otherwise, nobody is going to know the difference. Borrow one from a cowboy friend, or check Western Xpressions(us) or ebay. Remember, retro is in, so “1956 Champion Saddle Bronc Rider” works, even if you weren’t yet hatched. . . could have been your dad’s, uncle’s or grand pappy’s.

If a trophy buckle isn’t an option, my best advice is to keep it simple, and avoid drawing a lot of attention to the area.  If you still want a silver buckle, I would recommend a tasteful and simple 3-piece style (Vogt makes some really nice ones).  Nothing with writing on it.  As mentioned previously, a “fake” trophy buckle can be spotted a mile away.  Custom-designed silver buckles with initials or a personal brand are totally different (and a great choice), but we won’t get into it here.

In the interest of cost and wearability, your best bet might be to just buy a simple leather belt, like the one shown here made by Ariat, that comes with a tasteful buckle. If your boots are brown, buy a brown belt. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the same shade. Same thing goes for black. You can even find belts that are black and brown to wear with either color boots.

Leather belts only, please!  Do not try to bring back the nylon belt trend of the 80’s and 90’s. Also, you will notice the girls wearing a lot of “bling” aka “sparkly things” on their belts. Some companies are making sparkly belts for guys too. Personally, I am not a fan of bling on dudes. A few crystals might be ok, and of course it is up to your discretion, but I would advise against it. A little silver (even a lot) is great. More from the link below.