The ABCs of Western Hats


Talk about serious business-a cowboy hat.  If you are “in the know,” you can determine many things about a cowboy, by looking at his hat,  including where he lives, what event he competes in, and most of all, whether or not he’s a “real” cowboy (or at least knows how to dress like one).  The two main considerations here are material and shape.  Felt hats are normally going to be more expensive than straw hats, and it is my recommendation that if you are going to spring for a felt hat, get a pretty good one made by a reputable hat maker.By pretty good, I mean some sort of a beaver  or rabbit blend rather than a wool felt.  It will last longer and look better in the long run (and in the short, for that matter).  Hat quality is determined by the number of “X’s” a hat has, however there is no industry standard for “X’s” so one company’s 10X could be another company’s 20X.  Go with around a 6X or better.

If you don’t want to spring for a quality felt, get a nice looking straw hat. They tend to be a much cooler (temperature-wise) option for the summer too.